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Alan Forrest Smith doing the walk over Sydney Harbour bridge, AustraliaQ? How Did This Guy Go from a 7 Day Week, 24 Hours a Day Exhausted Salon Owner to …

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Keep reading - It’s all revealed in this letter! (It’s a pretty amazing story)

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Alan is very open, he says …

·         I have had the very best first class flights with Emirates to Dubai then to Sydney, Australia

·         Stayed in an amazing 3 glassed walled spectacular Penthouse suite in Melbourne, Australia overlooking the famous Yarrow river

·         Luxury Accommodation on the Gold Coast Australia that was so big a family of ten could have stayed in it!A simple website that transformed Alan Forrest Smith's life

·         Had meetings in 7 Star accommodation and even on the beaches in places like Malaysia

·         3 Cheques for $50,000 thrown at me after one 90 minute talk in front of 400 students

·         Been paid literally £1,000's per hour for writing words!

·         Spent a week working in Hollywood hanging out with world famous marketing masters and of course ... Jedi knights!

·         Ate in Singapore's finest Fish Restaurant over looking the truly spectacular Singapore sunset by the harbour

·         Been asked to lecture and speak all over the world. Places such as; Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Dublin, Japan, Moscow, Latvia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Malaysia, and many more places! 

·         Flew to Russia to talk to over 1,000 students for 2 days.

·         Spoke in front of 5,000 students in one room in the UK in the famous Millionaires Bootcamp.

·         Created sales going well into the millions in sales for my clients.

·         Increased business for others by 2,000%

I also have had

·         Cash coming into my account daily online, fully on autopilot and some days taking as much as $1,700 for doing nothing!

·         Have cornered a niche online and grown a massive list of hungry buyers

·         Have made over TEN THOUSAND POUNDS in one day, with one email

·         I have made $66,000 in one single weekend.

·         So much more... It's just been incredible!

And to think, just a couple of years ago I was slogging my brains out 24/7 in my salons cutting hair!

“Would you like me to reveal to you exactly how he did it but not just that ...
He reveals everything so YOU CAN do just as he has!


Monday March 21, 2011

From The Desk of Andy Raybould


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Andy Raybould, I’m an independent publisher.


 Have personally spoken with Alan, it's true; Alan really did used to be a full-time hairdresser. You can Google his name online. You quickly see how over 600,000 website refer to him as the ex-hairdresser now internet business entrepreneur.

Let me explain to you...

How Alan Went From Small Town Hairdresser and Salon Owner To Global Internet Business Expert in Months? (And the outrageously easy way you copy him)

Before I take you into the future let me take you back a bit. It'll help you truly understand how this applies to you. You'll also see how easy this online business stuff is to do.

Alan explains …

BE HONEST: Does This Sound Like Your Life?

The full time business that nearly destroyed Alan Forrest SmithAfter hairdressing (working & slaving) for nearly 20 years I had 3 salons all in Cheshire, UK. Being an employer had its problems. Staff could walk in one day, walk out the next, be fine on Tuesday, be ill on Wednesday. It was a joke! Then I had ... Tax, VAT, Bills, and the killer... PRESSURE of keeping  my business steadily busy every single day.

Weekends? There wasn't any. Being on the frontline of business like this meant when I wasn't cutting hair I was planning for the next big thing or trying to solve another salon problem.

Although my business was a success, after years of pressure I really wanted out. I had no formal education apart from hairdressing. No other real experience. And certainly would not consider myself any kind of marketing person.

Then around 1991 I bought a computer from the USA for a salon system called Fingertip Management. This might not sound too big a deal but NO ONE had one then, especially in the hair and beauty business. Actually the thing never worked, always being fixed and to be truthful was a nightmare.

However it taught me the basics about computing and helped me to understand ...

The Serious Earning Power a Computer and an Internet Business Could Have If Used Properly ( proof of this further below )

By the time 2000 arrived I decided to buy another computer, this time for my home. Around the same  it felt as though loads of people online were making millions of pounds with the dot-com thing. I wanted a slice of that cash as well.

After all, the web sounded like an easy-to-do dream to me. My back was killing from hairdressing. My brain was bursting with people problems. My bank account was in pain with on-going business demands.

An internet business meant this for me ...

  • NO staffing ( and the endless hassle they give you)
  • NO premises or no massive running costs (nearly 4 grand a week then)
  • NO driving to open up each day at 7am with open ended closing (one time we shut shop at 1am!)
  • NO dealing with Reps and their deceitful ways of making me spend more, more and more!
  • NO working out  profits and loss on a weekly basis late into the evenings and early mornings

In fact after 17 years running my own salons a successful internet business would mean...

FREEDOM From A Very Average Life!

The only photo of Alan Forreest Smith speaking in LatviaMy first online venture … began to change my life in what felt like strange ways. For example one day I was sat at home. My phone rang. A lady in a deep Russian accent was on the other end. She invited me to present at a huge expo in Latvia for salon owners. Suddenly I went from nearly broken salon owner to global expert. It felt strange to say the least!

So I jumped on a plane (all expense paid) and flew over to Latvia where I spoke to around 1,000 salon owners. That was strange. They couldn't understand English so everything was done through a translator. They only applauded when someone came from the side and asked them to applaud.

However ... my first web business put me into a new class of global expert meeting and greeting with other REAL experts from all over the world.

That was my first real experience with a web business. It had ..

  • On-going passive income. Not a huge amount but enough to get me interested to take this business further
  • Expert status. I was getting people I didn't know paying me for my information. That felt amazing, my 17 years in hairdressing was finally coming to a better use.
  • Stress free life and job which made me feel healthier. This was a business that truly was hassle free!

Since then  my life has changed dramatically. Why? Because I took the time to understand how to actually get to grips with the internet for a business! I know, I know – so much hype around the web. My life changes are REAL… I am proof that a simple website can transform your life!

Let Me Show You How Your Life Can Be I Will Show You Exactly How To Become An Expert (yes it's easier than you think), Put Your Expertise Online And Start Making Cash Very Quickly From It!

By the end of 2010 I will have taught in Malaysia, Singapore, Los Angeles, Texas, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Scotland, England and Russia and New Zealand and more.

  • I have slammed my salon doors shut forever. (I’ll show you how to leave your job or painful business forever)
  • Alan Forrest Smith consulting in SingaporeI have a business that mostly runs on autopilot. No hassle from anyone, I will show you how to leave your new internet business to run on it’s own.
  • I get paid more than my bank manager will ever get paid. (he’ll be the first I invite when I eventually put together my millionaires only party)
  • I get paid more than my accountant will ever get paid. I love that!
  • I work around 10 hours a week. One of my businesses online takes around 1 hour per month! It only takes more if I go out and speak live.

How Easy Is This? ... Can Anyone Do It... CAN YOU Do It?

Let me be completely up-front here.

Since discovering how to do most of my business online what I do know is this ... My own life is  totally, completely different to how it used to be.

I have cash, holidays and stuff that I like in abundance. Is what I do unique to me? No not at all, I work with people and have contact with people all over the globe that are doing virtually the same as myself.

This isn't rocket science at all but what you do need is the following 3 things.

1. A guide that knows the path to online business that HAS BEEN PROVEN to work already!

2. A proven system that already works and is easy and fast to put into place!

3. The facts, with so much hype around internet marketing and doing business online you need someone that will talk the truth and show you the exact way to do things.

Are You Interested In a NEW WAY of Living Your Life? This Could Be The One Way of *working* That Could Transform Your Life ... FAST!

Earlier I mentioned to you I would show you some proof.

Proof of  my lifestyle is in some of the photos above. Can I show you some proof of cash taken online now? Okay here are just a handful of screenshots of sales from one of my online accounts.

how to make extra money online

My Online business Generates Enough Sales To Allow Me To Travel First or Business Class Everywhere!


Doing Business Online Has Given Me The Freedom To Generate Cash When I Want From Anywhere In The World And a Lifestyle to Match!


What You See Above Is a Tiny Snapshot of My Web Based Businesses. I Will Show You EXACTLY HOW I Do It and ... How You Can Easily Copy Me!

I can show you how to create an amazing new life by doing something very simple online. In fact it's so easy, no one ever believes it! And because they don't believe it ... the market is packed with hungry buyers waiting for your web business.

Shall I tell you what it is I will show you now? Okay here is a snippet ...

I Sell Hairdressing Online With Just One Of My Websites And ... It Makes Me A Small Fortune On Autopilot!

It's true ... I sell hair and beauty online.

In fact everything I do with my internet hairdressing business can be replicated with any service on the web dead easy, you just need to know how.

I'll show you how you can earn massive amounts just like that with your very own internet business. Frankly, it can appear hard to believe but it’s so easy once you understand how you'll be asking yourself why you didn't kick-start an internet business like this yourself years ago.

How About I Show You The Easiest, Fastest, Simplest Way To Start an Internet Business With Virtually No Cash?

Before you decide read this lot ...

·         I have pulled in over £30,000 for just 60 minutes of work

·         I have had clients who have handed over cheques for £25,000+

·         I have written a three-letter piece direct mail series that generated over £600,000 worth of business

·         I have written a 12 word headline that pulled in over £180,000 for one client.

When You Listen To My PROVEN Expertise

·         I WILL SHOW YOU HOW I helped one client make £48,641.41 in just 168 hours after a 1 on 1 coaching session

·         I WILL SHOW YOU HOW  to avoid the 4 critical factors that continually hold back 99% of online business

·         I WILL SHOW YOU HOW to master 10 must know search engine secrets that will make sure your website is found by searchers.

·         I WILL SHOW YOU HOW to find out where  the hungry buyers are hanging out begging to be sold to!

·         I WILL SHOW YOU HOW to use insider knowledge to drive huge numbers of potential clients to your web business 

·         I WILL SHOW YOU HOW easy it is to become a recognised expert and get people to pay you for what you know

I Will Show You The Fastest, Quickest, Easiest Way EVER To Build YOUR New or Old Internet Business Alan Forrest Smith relaxing in Malaysia

Now Be Honest.... Does This Look Like Hard Work? >>> 

While Relaxing In Malaysia Recently I Took Orders Online  ... over 4 days! I Can Help You To Understand The MAGIC of How To Do That!

Why was I in Malaysia? I was ... WORKING HARD ... Actually I had  been invited to speak at a big marketing conference. WHY? Because I understand the power of an online business. I will show you HOW TO COPY what I do!

I Believe ANYONE... YOU... Can Copy What I Do!

Let me explain why.

NO experience required. You really don't need any specialist business training to make cash online. I am proof of that!

NO technical know is  required. Forget manuals, they simply slow you down. Just copy what I say, it's that easy!

NO huge investment required. You don't need cash from anyone! No loans. No re-mortgage!

NO marketing expertise required. On the web buyers come to you. Once you know how the last thing you'll need is a marketing degree of any kind!

Please do not forget... I was a hairdresser that had  no technical skills whatsoever. I walked out of school, at 15 years old with no qualifications.

You can do this.

All you need to do is take the very first step. I'll show you how in a second below. Remember... You can work the hours to suit you. I can work 18 hours some days. Other days I work 30 minutes. It’s a personal choice.

I can and will show you the easy way to get started.

Alan Forrest Smith in the middle of the Amazon Jungle
I am in the middle during a trip to
live with a tribe in the middle of the
Amazon Jungle in 2008!

In a second I'll show you how to grab a copy of my easy to watch and copy home study DVD. It's 90 minutes packed to the hilt with ideas of how you can create a business online selling what you know!

Look How Easy All Of This Is!

·         Just you, no-one to answer to, no-one to tell you what to do and no staff to cause you headaches.  Yes, you really can be your own boss.

·         No crawling to your bank manager on this one because start up costs are ridiculously low - you've probably got all you need to start - a home PC with internet connection.

·         Total flexibility, operating anywhere at any time that suits you because you don't sit around waiting for customers to turn up - the market's open 24/7 and people from all over the place will be queuing up clamouring for your attention.

·         You'll be shown the key to a vault packed with quality products ready and waiting for you.

·         But don't worry there'll be no face-to-face dealing with customers in this business.

·         There's absolutely no risk because the net profits are simply outrageous and the best bit is that you can begin by fitting it around your day job until profits allow you to simply walk away from your current frustrations.

·         ANYBODY can do this - anybody willing to take action.  Old, young, any background.  If you can send an email then you can do this.

·         It's legal, ethical and honest so you'll be proud to talk about your newfound success with friends and family.

·         Using this massive cash generating machine - it's a cinch and your bank account will be bulging before you know it

Can You Afford To Miss This Golden Opportunity ... Internet Sales Are Going Through The Roof ... Grab Some of the Action For Yourself Now!

CHEAP WEBSITES: How to start a web site for less than £50! If you're just getting started, you probably don't have a big budget. So I'll show you how to start using cheap and FREE resources, then how to "upgrade" when the sales start rolling in!

CASH BUSINESS: The number one way to handle quality information on your web site for a profit... and avoid "dirty work" like stocking and packing.  All you worry about is banking the cash!

FREE PRODUCTS: How to easily put together a brand-new product (for FREE!) in less than 2 weeks.

MASSIVE PROFITS: Four "top secret" strategies to instantly increase the value of each visitor -- guaranteed! (Use all four together and watch your profits leap by 86%!)

And ...

Alan Forrest Smith on his custom chopper trike

How to take your love, passion, or hobby and easily create a product you can sell for massive amounts of cash.

A simple secret to join people just like yourself (if you want to) and using their expertise, resources, or customers to multiply your takings effortlessly.

The number one most profitable thing you can sell (you'll laugh when you hear this one... it's absolutely simple, anybody can sell it, and it will never stop making you money).

The 4 strategies you must use if you only want to be spending 20 minutes a day running your business.


This is Andy again now.

WOW … When I met Alan I have to say I was totally blown away. His passion and enthusiasm for what he does is mind-blowing.

How can anyone contemplate failure online when you have such an expert guiding you and directing you is beyond belief? Now is your chance, your opportunity to avoid a job filled future and join the internet revolution.

Let's Take a Look at What You'll Get When Your Order Today!

DVD Training: 90 Minutes of Alan Forrest Smith, training 5000 people live at Bournemouth Conference centre.

Alan reveals the EXACT steps you need to take to create a fully automated cash business online.

  • How to find out what people want to buy quickly, easily so you can start in minutes!
  • How to create or discover your niche. When you understand this you unlock a key to your own massive potential online
  • How to sell what you know and become a recognized expert in that field at lightning speed
  • How to put together everything quickly. I mean websites, emails – everything you need to make your internet business happen right now!
  • And so much more!

This is YOUR golden opportunity staring you right in the face. You can now do one of two things.

1. Carry on doing what you've always done, you get the same results you always have got.

2. Try this course... RISK FREE... and have your eyes opened to the endless possibilities making cash online.

All I can say is... discovering the internet for business has literally transformed lives beyond recognition, it can easily do the very same for you.


Alan Forrest Smith training 5000 people live
During this 90 minute
training session I reveal
more than most will in 10

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So 6 years ago, he did something completely out of character His family called him… INSANE Something Inside Him Simply “Flipped”  He Suddenly Embarked On A Lonely Crusade To Discover The Secret Of Amassing The World’s Greatest Wealth...It Took Him 6 Long Years To Discover It. And When He Did He used It To Quickly bank SIX MILLION POUNDS Inside A Few Short Years...

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·         Put up lots of simple websites online that work like a crack team of money making honeybees producing over £150’000 plus for him each month!

·         TV appearances on SKY BBC 1, BBC 2 as a recognised business expert

·         Become a ROCK STAR performing with his band to a completely packed out 02 Arena in November to over 9,000 people. Best moment of his life, so he says!

·         As I write this, Simon has MILLIONS of pounds sitting in his bank account right now


The only worry that keeps Simon up at nights now Is

 ‘How should I SPEND IT ALL?’



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Tom Hua is a self made internet multi-millionaire.  He has built probably the largest distribution network of ebooks on the internet and also he operates one of the fastest growing web-hosting companies in the world today. 

In this live DVD presentation Tom shares his unique strategies, proven by his hands-on experience for building personal wealth by leveraging the power of the internet.  Tom has changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe and helped make them become more successful in their own web business. You could be next with what is revealed in this presentation.

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  • Discover how to work with clickbank and paypal

Once again, thank you for getting to the end of the letter. What happens in your life now, is in your hands.

Alan Forrest Smith and the experts in this letter lives have been totally transformed by what they do today. They listened, learnt and applied skills taught to them by their teachers.

Now they themselves are acclaimed and renowned teachers. Alan tells me he holidays up to a dozen times a year. His business is run completely from his trusted laptop. Wherever he goes he check his email and has usually made money whilst living and enjoying his life to the full.

I have shared with you stacks of proof above. I can even show you testimonials from others.


“Alan what you taught me made me over $300,000 in a SINGLE WEEK!”

David Lee, Property Cash Investor

“Alan Forrest Smith has a brilliant marketing mind!

Brett Mc Fall, World Internet Summit.

“Being trained by Alan was a total revelation… “

Nickolove Lovemore

“Alan Forrest Smith is a MASTER of his craft…”

Jason Cohen

“Increased my sales by 2,300%”

Roy Carter



Now I want you to know this.

While others slave in an office you can take time out to do what you love in your life... You too can do the same!


DO YOU, DO YOU, DO YOU, Deserve Something Better In Your Life?


If you are ready to make a massive change in your life

If you are ready to finally cut up your credit cards

If you are ready to be able to holiday 5 times a year

If you are ready to see huge checks being paid into your bank account

If you are ready to live a life that maybe in the past you have only ever dreamt about ...

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Andy Raybould

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It's Easy To Reserve...

Online Reservations: Complete an online form by CLICKING HERE for immediate reservation of your package now.
Reserve by FAX: If paying by credit or debit card you can also CLICK HERE to access a printable form and fax it directly to me on 07092 386337.
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